Get ahead with mobile advertising

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Saturday, 07 November 2009

Mass marketing is wheezing its last gasp; people simply don’t have the time to waste reading the emails that stream into their email inboxes every day. In actual fact, most people filter advertising emails directly into the junk folder through a spam filter. How many people even see the banner ads that zip across computer screens?

Humans have become conditioned against the advertising gimmicks that are not applicable to them. Our minds simply filter it out just like our email spam filters do in our email inbox. Smart marketers have wised up to this fact – mass advertising is simply not worth it anymore.

They have learned that to advertise successfully, they have to interact directly with the people in their target market. This is exactly what you are capable of doing with mobile advertising.

Permission with opt-in

Mobile advertising does not mean mobile phones will be spammed. People must opt-in to receive your mobile advertising. They also have the easier way to opt out by simply texting STOP. This appeals to people greatly as they feel they are in control; this is a valuable factor in favour of mobile advertising.

Mobile advertising is the fastest, surest and most cost effective way to get your message to your target market. Mobile advertising levels the playing fields for smaller businesses. It allows them to compete on a much better footing with the giant corporations.

Mobile advertising can be used for virtually any type of business today from online traders to small bricks and mortar businesses that cater to local customers. It’s as easy for a local pizza joint to send mobile advertising as it is for a huge eCommerce website.