Streaming Media With eCommerce: The Combination That Works

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 06 November 2009

In the cut-throat world of eCommerce, company websites and blogs are no longer enough to attract the customer. They have busy lives, and will swiftly move on if your home page doesn’t leap out at them.

Many companies spare no expense on the layout of their sites, yet still fail to make a profit from them even when they have a top selling product. It’s not as simple as driving traffic; MPP Global regularly take on companies with sky high traffic rates, but rock-bottom sales figures.

Customer attraction – the video streaming factor.

Customers are blasé about advertising in general, and will quickly pass over anything that doesn’t jump out at them. They are lazy – they want you to give them something that will encourage them to stay and browse a while; something that makes you stand out from the crowd.

MPP Global offers the answer – and it doesn’t have to drain your resources. Our video streaming media solution captures your audience from the word go. Provided the rest of your eCommerce package is up to scratch, you’ve got a sale.

So what makes a good all-round site?

Well, obviously it should be easy to navigate, with your product clearly laid out on display (and remember, a product can mean services as well as goods). But the real hook is the one that tells your customers you are better than your competitors. This is where video streaming media services come into their own.

Even a simple audio presentation is better than text and images alone. The success of MPP Global’s streaming media solutions are proof of that.