Giving Customers What They Want

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 22 October 2010

At the Internet Retailing conference all the key speakers put the consumer’s wishes at the heart of their retail visions. It is great that organisations are finally getting the eCommerce message.

The “Customer is King” is not exactly a new concept, but advanced eCommerce solutions are making it a different concept.

Consumers want to shop 24/7 and make purchases safely and securely within seconds via mobile, web or TV. That’s what customers want and that is the bare minimum companies need to offer.

However, companies also need to also focus on what I like to call Intelligent eCommerce – that’s the intelligence behind every consumer purchase.

Management consoles effectively “lock-in” consumer data and can give instant sale statistics, identify buying trends and develop consumer profiles. This can be invaluable in shaping an eCommerce strategy.

Now we know “how” a consumer likes to shop… We need to concentrate on identifying “why”.