Hot Boxes Set Protocol For Video Streaming Services

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 12 May 2009

At MPP Global, we are always keen to embrace new consumer trends that will benefit our clients. Our video streaming service is the ideal way to improve the look of your site and promote it on social media sites like YouTube. Now, the concept of residential “hot boxes” has expanded video streaming possibilities still further.

The idea of a residential gateway is nothing new. Otherwise known as a hot box, it enables multi-media – TV, wireless, voice, streaming video etc – to be delivered straight to the home via a single device. The possibilities for e commerce are enormous, opening up areas like live video streaming of future products and services, direct to subscribers’ homes. Unlike conventional e commerce, where the subscriber first has to log on and find the site, the retailer targets their customers direct. This gives streaming media the same potential as text marketing to mobile phones.

The set-top box is already the primary way for home users to access TV services – a large proportion has satellite, cable or Freeview. But today’s STBs are far more complex than when they first arrived, supporting a variety of services.

As well as cable and direct-to-home satellite TV, we also have internet protocol television (IPTV) which allows interactive video streaming. Already seen on numerous commercial shopping and betting channels, it shows the way in which digital TV (DTV) has opened up opportunities for online retailers who integrate our streaming video services into their e-commerce platform.

If you don’t have media streaming then you’re behind the times.