Overcoming Customer Resistance To E Marketing

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 14 January 2010

While most people will happily Google for an eCommerce site, when it comes to direct marketing, they still prefer ‘snail mail’ to email. Text marketing has gone a long way to overcoming this, as people generally open text alerts. Sometimes direct mail still wins over email advertising.

People like the personal feel of direct mail – it’s why a real Christmas card will win over an electronic one every time, no matter how clever the streaming media is. Yet emails are, in fact, far quicker and easier to personalise than direct advertising. The trouble is, they are easier to discard.

It must be remembered, however, that the majority of direct mail campaigns are unsuccessful once they’ve been opened. Flicking through the brochure isn’t the same as going to the bother of ordering from it. There is a strong element of “I’ll put it away for now” with direct marketing. The less trouble the customer has to go to, the higher your chances of success – which is why eCommerce works so well, if your email alerts get a favourable response.

The one thing that will get your posts junked is any whiff of spam. You can avoid this by “buzzing” existing customers with personalised SMS mobile marketing alerts, and making your emails attractive to open and read. You can do bulk marketing campaigns, yet still personalise each heading so it’s clear you’re not a scammer.

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