Payment Gateways Encouraging Advertising for Publishers

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 08 March 2011

Many people feel that the move to online paid-for content eCommerce sites for traditional newspaper publishers to be a contentious one. However, the publisher of The Times has revealed findings to silence the naysayers and illustrate that the introduction of paywalls into their online content has actually added value to their offering and brand.

Since establishing eCommerce payment gateways into the site, The Times has developed what is considered to be a more “premium” platform than other new sites, according to research company Promise, who consulted subscribers and non-subscribers over the past 15 months. Furthermore, both brand and message recall on The Times’ site was found to be 21% and 18% higher than the average for non-paid sites.

These findings are likely to prove interesting reading for prospective advertisers for similar sites with payment gateways in place. Following on from another survey conducted by the Association of Online Publishers, which stated that users were more likely to be susceptible to a brand on an original content site such as an eCommerce powered content site as opposed to portals and social media sites.

With a marked improvement in brand recognition and messaging through the implementation of payment gateways in their sites, together with an obvious added attraction to online advertisers, publishers are likely to scramble to follow The Times’ lead to integrate with eCommercesolutionsfor their online content.

MPP Global’s universal payment platform; which powered The Times’ online content, can offer your organisation the same dramatic improvement in brand, messaging and revenue.