Researching Your eCommerce Site – Search Engine Architecture

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Thursday, 01 April 2010

We at MPP Global offer a wide range of solutions to eCommerce professionals. They range from secure payment and video streaming options, to technology that improves your SEO (search engine optimisation) rankings.

At MPP Global, we pride ourselves on the fact that our eCommerce solutions will place clients’ websites high on the search engines. Whether a site is being redesigned or built from scratch, using the right SEO tools is essential for success.

Search engines can appear complicated, but there are various easy things you can do to research how well your site will fare. When building or redesigning a site, researching keywords on the main search engines (Google, Yahoo etc) will throw up the common words and phrases your target customers may use when searching for your products. Knowing what these phrases are will help you arrange and catalogue your site more effectively.

For example, if your eCommerce site sells pet products, you may have arranged your dog section thus:
Home – Dogs – collars and leashes

But keyword research may suggest a better categorisation would be:
Home – Dogs – leads and collars.

Further categorisation could separate collars from leads, then further define them for small, medium and large dogs. The collars could be subdivided further into chain, leather, canvas, decorative, novelty, studded, personalised collars, etc.

The more effectively arranged and laid out your site is, the more traffic it will attract. If you make it easy for the search engines to detect individual products, you will make it easier for your eCommerce site to progress up the rankings.