Streaming Video Services Are Essential For Your eCommerce Site

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 19 January 2010

Video streaming was once outside the scope of most small business users. However, the technology has become increasingly less costly and easier to use, to the point where even modest eCommerce businesses can integrate streaming media applications into their sites at low cost.

There are several reasons why an eCommerce site can benefit from the use of streaming video applications:

– Limitations of screen space. It is hard enough getting people onto the landing pages, without expecting them to scroll through reams of text as well. eCommerce commands a short time span – it’s far harder reading from the screen than the printed page. A one minute video streaming presentation will convey as much information as several paragraphs of text

– Readability. Modern LCD screens are harder on the eyes than CRTs, with sharper contrast and higher brightness levels. Video streaming is easier on the eyes – with an audio presentation, the “reader” doesn’t even have to be looking at the screen

– Simultaneous site navigation. The audio content can continue streaming, while another tab can be opened allowing the client to browse other content on your ecommerce site. This is far more helpful than having to flick back and forth between tabs

– Scan and retain. Even if you keep the content short, users tend to skim across the body of textual content, meaning much of the content is lost

We at MPP Global have professional streaming media services for both eCommerce and mobile marketing applications, giving your business the edge it needs to succeed.