The Future’s Bright, the Future’s Connected

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 01 April 2011

Connected-TV signals a major shift in the way in which consumers will receive television content in the future. Video on demand and catch up are already very popular in the UK but the advent of YouView, which is set to launch early in 2012 spells an altogether new offering to the market.

The current UK TV market is balanced, with Freeview and Sky in approximately 10 million homes each and Virgin Media in around 3.5 million homes.

The major challenge that YouView faces is differentiating itself from the major payment based and free-to-air competition already within the market. YouView’s CEO Richard Halton this week predicted its success will be based on two facets, simplicity and free non-subscription based content as a foundation to the eCommercepayment based content on offer, thus providing a combination of Freeview type services with payment based content services. YouView will also be ready to use out of the box, together with providing flexibility across ISPs.

Conversely for content makers, YouView offers key alternatives to the existing Connected-TV market. Operating as a central content deliverer with no concern for content creation or payments, YouView digital content comes straight from the content makers which allow it to be an open marketplace for content providers with payment services and payment transactions being delivered straight to the makers.

Content makers wishing to drive the monetisation of their digital content through eCommerce payment services will be keen to integrate with the platform and YouView being a non-profit collective means that its future within the UK Connected-TV market seems set to be a success.

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