Will Connected-TV Provide a Perfect Platform for YouTube’s Diversification?

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Monday, 11 April 2011

According to certain sources YouTube are looking to capitalise on the rapidly growing number of Connected-TV users by redesigning the way content is delivered in the popular video streaming site. By incorporating channels into the platform to restyle how content is delivered, YouTube are aiming to compete with other content providers and multichannel television broadcasters.

With the rise of the Connected-TV platform consumers are in a position to experience content on demand across a multitude of different providers through different platforms. Boasting an impressive 2 billion views per day with over 35 hours of content uploaded every minute, YouTube are a leading voice in online content and the Connected-TV platform does appear to offer an ideal route to diversifying their offering. However, with an average view time of 15 minutes per day, there needs to be a dramatic change in the mind-set of the average YouTube viewer to help boost these viewing times from minutes to hours to compete with traditional viewing patterns of television broadcasters. By creating defined channels within the platform, YouTube are hoping that Connected-TV will provide the conduit for a transition into the realms of becoming a content creator rather than just the delivery application.

Several of the channels would feature specifically created high quality content, which $100million has been set aside for production, with the remaining channels being made up of user uploaded related content. With support from IPTV networks in place, it looks like YouTube could soon be a leading light in the content on demand Connected-TV sector, what is yet to be ascertained however is how the platform will be monetised. With the sheer number of users and the fact that a YouTube channel would currently be the 13th most popular channel in the UK, an increase in targeted advertising is likely.

The question still remains though, is this another case of a successful media organisation branching into territories which their concept fails to deliver, or will YouTube prove the doubters wrong with Connected-TV being the perfect medium for the channel? It should prove interesting to the industry to find out.

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