The Success Of Video Streaming Services

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 08 December 2009

We at MPP Global offer a range of video streaming services to our customers – they are a proven method of increasing online sales. With the new generation of smart phones, video streaming now extends to text marketing applications as well.

When online advertising first began, it was limited to email newsletters or pop-up screens. Later, pop-ups became more attention grabbing, with animation and flashing images. These advertising methods soon became a widespread annoyance.

Nowadays, newsletters are seen as junk mail and treated as such by email providers, who sieve them from incoming messages on behalf of their clients. Pop-up ads have become such a serious invasive element to normal internet browsing, that downloadable software has been created to eliminate them. The Firefox anti pop-up add on is one of the biggest free tools.  Anti virus software, seen as an essential purchase by most internet users, routinely includes anti-pop up applications.

Today, anti spam mail and anti pop-up software is big business on the internet, with many sites offering free downloadable software as a way of introducing users to their other products. This means advertisers have had to look for other ways of grabbing attention – and the answer has been TV advertising, i.e. video streaming.

People are naturally curious – if they see a non-invasive TV screen image, with an invitation to click on the play button to see more, they will often do just that. A video streaming service can be very affective.

We at MPP Global can help you set up video streaming service strategies that will guarantee your eCommerce site is a success.