Use SMS Marketing To Draw Attention To Your eCommerce Site

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Tuesday, 01 December 2009

A key factor of getting traffic to eCommerce sites is targeting customers – but how do you do this? If you rely on e-mails to get people to open links to your website, you may be out of luck.

People routinely delete anything they don’t recognise without opening it. Even if they do open it, they may not necessarily take it further. E-mail providers like Hotmail automatically junk what they deem as trash.

The answer is to use text marketing. People are much more likely to open their texts than they are emails, and a bulk SMS marketing strategy, perhaps with the offer of a free streaming media download if they respond to the text, could be just what you need to direct traffic to your website.

Mobile marketing also acts as a safety valve to ensure content the customer actually needs isn’t inadvertently deleted. You could, for example, send out a bulk SMS alerting customers they have received an email on your latest product catalogue, reminding them to check in their junk folder.

Why not just provide a direct link to your website? Whereas switching from text to email is fairly straight forward on even a quite basic mobile phone, it’s not so easy to link direct from text to an eCommerce site. People still do most of their web browsing from a laptop or PC.

We at MPP Global have a full range of eCommerce and text marketing products, enabling you to target a wide range of clients.