Using Social Media Marketing to Attract Younger Clients

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Wednesday, 14 April 2010

When people come to us at MPP Global for help setting up text marketing solutions, it is often with a view to encouraging younger customers. They feel that mobile marketing works better for young people, while SEO marketing is better suited to their parents (or at least, post-teens who have secured their first permanent job).

It’s true that SMS marketing has a high success rate among younger users – typically students in their teens to mid-twenties. With the new generation of “PC in your pocket” mobile phones, eCommerce is proving just as captivating. However, it needs a different approach to get the highest volume of traffic. As well as SEO strategies, you should consider the social media websites.

The major engines like Google are used for two purposes – to search for information, and to search for products and services. Students tend to limit their searches to Wikipedia and the odd product line. They may well need your product – but they probably won’t bother Googling it. They’d rather head for their favourite social networking site, and get the info there.

People don’t Google for social media sites, they have them as desktop shortcuts. This means a large number of possible customers are bypassing the search engines, and therefore the SEO efforts by the sites carrying products geared specifically to them.

In a nutshell: if you have a product or service designed to appeal specifically to the younger crowd, don’t just rely on mobile advertising. Extend into the eCommerce field as well, but use social networking sites as well as the search engines.