Surfing Speeds Up

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Sunday, 11 April 2010

Until broadband was introduced more than a decade ago we all thought dial-up connection was “innovative”.

Admittedly nobody could get through to you on the phone – but it all seemed worth it to be able connect in just “minutes” with the rest of the world.

In ten relatively short years, 100Mb broadband is now here, with the biggest players in the industry rolling it out more widely next year.

Now consumers can purchase “goods” online, on their mobile or via connected-TV from around the globe, not to mention around-the-clock. For the consumer there is always a “shop” open for business somewhere.

There are clearly huge eCommerce opportunities associated with faster and more reliable connections and that is great news.

But when making any purchase over the internet, regardless of the speed, consumers want to be sure of one thing more than ever – that their payment details are secure.

Internet payment security remains our top priority and it is something we just won’t compromise on. We invest in advanced fraud detection tools not just to protect our reputation – but to protect the reputation of the blue chip companies we work with 24/7.