eCommerce Solutions Access All Areas

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 18 February 2011

In months, rather than years, we will probably all be tuning into our TVs not just to watch our favourite TV programme, but also to shop, download videos and keep in touch with friends via social networking sites.

The TV will be transformed in much the way the mobile phone has been. Does anybody buy a phone these days just to make calls?

The growth of eCommerce across multi-media platforms, such as connected-TVs, mobiles, tablets and laptops, provides a great opportunity to not only to facilitate purchases, but to identify consumer trends.

Integrated management consoles can give you instant statistics on who is buying what, whether they are purchasing via tablet or TV and how they like to pay.

Is a consumer subscribing to a newspaper via connected-TV after seeing an advert? Do they prefer to follow the football on their mobile? Are they streaming videos to their laptop?

By capturing this “intelligence” companies now have the chance to adapt marketing strategies not only to retain or win new customers, but to influence and drive consumer choice across all the platforms.