Every eCommerce Day Counts

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 03 December 2010

We have had Manic Monday – with an estimated £22 million per hour estimated to go through online checkouts.

Others are now predicting this could be surpassed by online shopping sales surging further on Monday. My own prediction is that in spite – or perhaps even because – of a recession every day in the run up to Christmas will be a vital eCommerce day.

Consumers seem to increasingly prefer to shop around and buy the presents, even gift-wrapped and delivered if need be, online and literally in seconds.

People can stick to a budget, surf for bargains and shop when and where they want to via the web, mobile or connected-TV.

But advanced eCommerce services can surely only be held up as truly “successful” when they operate well, not just on two Mondays before Christmas but every day.

Our secure integrated payment platforms help ensure companies are open for business not just on Manic Monday but on every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday… globally and … 24/7.