No eCommerce Limits for Media Owners

MPP Global Posted by MPP Global on Friday, 11 February 2011

In the media and entertainment industry today, the biggest global players have their fingers in more than one digital pie.

Household names like Sky, Virgin and Sony offer different products and services to a varied consumer base.

Satellite TV, newspapers, music, mobile apps, broadband and VOD are now very much at the heart of the growth strategies for media organisations.

To help drive this multi-platform strategy, companies also need an integratedeCommerce solution which can work effectively across all platforms.

Opting for an eCommerce solution which only works across limited platforms – perhaps mobiles or tablets – but isn’t geared up to capitalise on the growth of connected-TV for example, is short sighted in a time when we all need to be more visionary.

As the media industry continues to look towards further growth across multi-platforms, it makes commercial sense to underpin this with integrated payment systems which allows elements to be adapted for both existing and emerging media technologies.