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Paul Herron Posted by Paul Herron on Wednesday, 06 June 2018

Magazines, Reader Revenue, Paywalls and the Need for Speed

The publishing world has faced many challenges with the shifts in technological advances and readership trends over the last 20 years. We’re now moving into a time where there are...

José Luis Kruyff Posted by José Luis Kruyff on Wednesday, 06 June 2018

What Drives a Strong, Loyal Subscriber Base: 3 Questions to Ask Yourself

Every company strives to flip their funnel and have a strong network of brand champions who will advocate the brilliance of what you offer. That’s wishful thinking, right? Think again!...

Paul Herron Posted by Paul Herron on Friday, 01 June 2018

Why It Doesn’t Pay for Publishers to Be Over-Reliant on Facebook and Google Subscriptions

The internet age has brought many challenges and opportunities for publishers and this year alone has seen the digital landscape shifting yet again. How to monetize your content in a...

James Vallance Posted by James Vallance on Wednesday, 23 May 2018

eSuite Product Update | May 2018

The latest key developments from eSuite, the world’s smartest Subscription & Billing platform. Our quest to offer unrivaled functionality under a single roof continues, with huge innovations over the past...

James Vallance Posted by James Vallance on Thursday, 17 May 2018

Meet Darwin, the New Evolution of eSuite’s Groundbreaking SDK

One of the most exciting aspects of eSuite, is how quickly you can get up and running and start processing recurring revenues, largely thanks to eSuite SDK, our plug-and-play user...

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